E01 // Music To Play Ping Pong To

Ever thought your life needed a film score? We got you covered.

Arghk Mixtapes are the audio to your visual. Press play and let us sonically guide you through every brutal backhand, nasty chop and gnarly drop shot. Benny Sings’ soothing vocals and bouncy instrumentals will get your sway going side to side while you wait for your rival to settle and serve. If you get lost in the rhythm, Austin Marc’s rework of a Daddy Yankee’s ‘Gasolina’ will get you over the white line. Getting serious? Good. Ain’t no friends on the court. From here on in, it’s about the back and forth, the tit for tat, the ping to pong. Lose? Ego wound? Shit. But it won’t sting so bad with the likes of Jamie XX, Jacques Greene and a Frank Ocean feature. Reset. New game. You need a song to overthrow the throne. Gucci Mane mashup with SOPHIE is it.  

Listen and follow us on SoundCloud. Guaranteed to improve the feel of your life.

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