Ping Pong Diplomacy, Come Again?

Common Ground Has A Ping Pong Table.

Ping Pong Diplomacy was this historic period in the seventies when the U.S. and China exchanged ping pong players. Things had gotten pretty heavy between the two superpowers and they were barely on speaking terms. But then it occurred to them that they would be far better off if they were on speaking terms. So a plan was hatched and ping pong would be the catalyst.

Surely, there’s more to it than that? Nope, not really. Some U.S. ping pong players went and played in China, and then some Chinese players went and played in the U.S., and that was enough geo-political lubricant to get the big cogs cranking.

All seemed pretty far-fetched to us but then in late 2016, we were lounging around on the other side of the world hitting on Ping Pong Club Moscow’s Instagram, and we thought to ourselves… Russia’s a superpower, Australia’s not a superpower. We’re into ping pong, they’re better than us. Sure, there was no need for diplomacy but what do we really know? We said hello. Said we liked what they were doing. Said we were into ping pong, too. And this, it turns out, is how buddies happen.

Instead of exchanging ping pong players (planting the seeds, though), PPCM sent through some of their finest hoodies (buy yours here) and we got together some of our finest friends for a south-of-the-equator shoot.

Behold. An Australiana scene by Arghk for PPCM.

Lens: James Whineray
Location: Caversham Wildlife Park
Model: Helen Objartel
Clothing: PPCM Apparel

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